Commercial "Bobtail " or "Straight Truck" graphics

Your Bobtail (or Straight Truck, Box Truck, Box Van) is a wonderful moving Billboard. With its nice flat surfaces and large size, you can send your name and message across the freeway to literally millions of other drivers as well as those in offices and on the streets where you are traveling. Surveys have shown that OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE will see your truck as you drive the freeways and streets of a large urban area each and every month!

That's a lot of advertising bang for your buck, so don't cut corners on this important resource!

We can use multiple colors of cut vinyl to create your logo, information and message. We can also add images to grab the viewers attention. Or we can really make your billboard stand out by fully wrapping the sides and rear with a powerful image behind the text. The choice is yours.

Here are some examples of the sort of graphics your truck could carry:


Depending on your products, services and budget, we can use cut vinyl alone to create your name and logo, or combine cut vinyl with printed images, or create a complete "wrap" of printed graphics to promote your name and products. Which ones caught your eye?

For more information about these materials, go to our Materials section.

For information regarding your requirements for CA and USDOT numbers, see our IDENTITY REGULATIONS section.