Cut Vinyl


Cut vinyl is the foundation for most Commercial Vehicle graphics.

At The Imagemakers, we are proud to say that we do not believe in cutting corners by using cheap vinyl. We use 3M's Premium Fleet Vehicle vinyl. Having seen and examined literally thousands of commercial vehicles in the years since 1995, it is clear to us that 3M's product is far superior to other vinyls in durability and removability. 3M also offers a very wide range of colors to choose from, giving our customers lots of options when attempting to match their corporate colors.

I have seen hundreds of cases where a competitor's vinyl was used on a commercial vehicle, and failed. I have seen vinyl that was cracked like the surface of a dry lake, when only on the vehicle for 2 years. I have seen vinyl that had shrunk, leaving an outline of adhesive (black with the dirt it had collected) around every letter and logo. I have seen vinyl that had lost its gloss and had become faded in color. I have seen cheap vinyl start curling up and peeling at the edges.

To see photos of how your decals will look if made from a lesser quality vinyl, CLICK HERE.

And worst of all, I have seen the nitemare that is part of trying to remove a cheap vinyl whose adhesive simply will not come off , when the customer needed to change their phone number or modify their name. (The late 90's were a nightmare with all those phone area codes changing!).

So we stick with 3M, and are proud of it!

Cut vinyl can be used to create text, logos, and designs. We can use cut vinyl to create "clipart" style images. We can use combinations of multiple colors of cut vinyl to create a visual painting. (When 4 or more colors are being used on one logo or image, we will review whether or not it might be preferable to have that printed. If the images are large, on the sides of a Bobtail or Trailer, chances are that printed graphics would be the preferable and more economical way to go.)

Here are samples of vehicles with Cut Vinyl graphics only: