Printed Vinyl Graphics


Many customers would greatly enhance their "moving billboard" by adding photographic images which represent their products or services. To keep the costs down, we often combine the use of cut vinyl with printed images to create a layout that has instant eye-appeal.

As of 2011, there are now dozens of manufacturers of large format printing equipment which purport to offer "Outdoor Durable" digitally printed graphics. We keep up with the information and review the products closely, so that we can offer our customers a consistently high quality product. We also have found that we can RELY on the 3M brand name "SCOTCHPRINT™". 3M was a pioneer in creating digitally printed images that were truly outdoor durable . The Scotchprint™ digtally printed large format images are overlaminated and are warranted by 3M to last a full 7 (SEVEN) years on the sides of your vehicle. I have customers who have been driving their trucks with Scotchprinted images for over 10 years now and the images still look great!

Therefore, our standard offering is a 3M Scotchprint™ for a large format image or wrap.

For smaller contour cut spot images, the best product to use is one which is Thermally printed. Again, using 3M technology, and 3M premium vinyls, we can provide spot images that have precisely cut contours and have a full 5 (FIVE) years of outdoor durability.

Here are some combination cut vinyl and printed images layouts, and full wrap layouts:


Full Wraps are applied like wallpaper, covering every inch of the sides betwee the rails of the box.


The Contour Cut image is cut precisely around the image, so the truck shows thru any open areas. We can cut only around the OUTSIDE of the image if it is preferred. The unprinted area would be left white.