The Steps to Placing an Order


Step #1: The Interview

Our graphics design consultant will contact you to discuss your business, your customers, and the image you wish to project to the public. We will try to pinpoint the key elements of your business to promote. We will review your budget for this project, and discuss the various graphics options of printed and cut vinyl. If time does not permit a meeting in person, we will do this by phone and e-mail.


Step #2: The Design Creation

When we are going to manufacture your decals, we will provide you with up to two hours of free design work. We will use your logo file, the information from our discussion, and any photographs or images representing your products or services, and create a precise layout on a vehicle template to scale, posting it online in your Private Showcase. We will fax and e-mail you a Proposal outlining the total cost for this design, installed on your vehicle. This is normally done within 72 hours.

If you have your own in-house designer that you would prefer to use for this project, we can provide an accurate template of the vehicle for use, and would like to be involved with the designer to let that person know some of the factors to consider (such as color choices, design styles, etc.) when designing graphics for a commercial vehicle.


Step #3: Tweaking the Design

After you (and whoever else would have input at your company) have gone to our website and seen the initial layout created, we will take your requests for modifications and create a revised layout, again posting it online, and sending you a revised Proposal. This is normally done within 48 hours of your request for changes .


Step #4: Placing the Order

You place your order by signing off on both the design and the Proposal. You will be asked to submit a deposit equal to 50% of the final cost. The job is then placed on our "To be manufactured" list.


Step #5: Manufacture and Ship

Your decals will be cut, (printed if printed graphics are included), and shipped. Cut vinyl graphics are normally finished within 3 to 5 business days, sometimes less. Printed graphics can take from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the backlog. When completed, the graphics are shipped either to your vehicle dealership or to your business location.


Step #6: Installation

We can arrange for an independent Certified, Licensed and Bonded installation company to install your decals either at your dealership prior to delivery of the vehicle (if there is time to do so before the truck is delivered to you) or at your business location. If you prefer, you may use an independent installation company of your choice or do the installation yourself . We can help you to find and installer in your area that is fully credentialed. Usually, the installation will be done at your business location or at the installers' indoor facility. You will be contacted to arrange the time and date with the installation coordinator.