Trailer Graphics


Your big trailer is a HUGE billboard. Why waste it? Over ONE MILLION PEOPLE will see that trailer as it drives the freeways and streets EVERY MONTH! Let's use that trailer to bring you more customers!

Whether your trailer has flat, semi-corrugated, or fully corrugated sides, we can use graphics on those sides to get your message and name out there! We could use multiple colors of cut vinyl, or both cut vinyl and printed images, or even fully printed background images.

Here are samples of the range of graphic styles to choose from:

Here we show a trailer covered with cut vinyl alone, in two colors, then that same trailer using the cut vinyl in combination with a printed image, and finally, the full color printed "wrap". Which one makes you want to shop at that store the most? Which one makes you think that the store would be one with fresh produce? There is a lot of power in a photograph!

For more information about the different materials, please visit our Materials Explained section.